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Here are some interesting facts about Northwest homeownership

300Door Installs
1000Home Projects
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Our Home Services

We service the Seattle Everett, the Eastside and all of Snohomish County. We would love to be your Pacific Northwest Homeowner Services partner!

Pressure Washing

The Pacific Northwest weather makes us the moss and grime capital of the world. Our pressure washing teams ensure your deck, sidewalk, home, and furniture

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Exterior Door Installation

Our door installation services span from Everett, to Redmond to the Northshore area and down to Renton and every where in between. Eastside neighborhoods we

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Hardwood Floor Installation/Refinishing

Simply the best hardwood floor installation and refinishing contractor are here on PNW Homeowner. We trust our hardwoods to only one company, one owner. A

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Northwest HVAC Services

Here in the Northwest we are fortunate not to get wild temperature swings. However, when the wind starts blowing in Seattle, the house can get

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Northwest Roofing Services

Looking for a reliable roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest? Our experienced team serves Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, and surrounding areas. We provide top-notch

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Basement Crack Repair

  Homeowners and businesses with basements here in the Pacific Northwest know what an issue concrete cracks can be. With all the water that falls

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General Contractor Services

As a Northwest homeowner, there is nothing like having a trusted general contractor at your disposal. Someone with the Pacific Northwest construction expertise. Someone with

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Past PNW Jobs

Our large network of home services professionals have been vetted and truly are the best in the Northwest.

Seattle crack injection in a basement - Northwest

Basement Crack Repair

Here in the Northwest, we have man homes that have basements. With our wet weather,...
Northwest home roofing services - Everett, Bothell, Renton

Northwest Roof Care

It rains here in the Northwest…a lot. That’s why having a great Northwest Roof Care...
Exterior Door Installation - Northwest Seattle, Tacoma, Everett

Exterior Door Installation

Experienced exterior door installers are worth their weight in gold. Every Northwest homeowner knows that...
Hardwood Floor Installation/Refinishing in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and all of Snohomish County

Hardwood Floor Installation

When selecting a hardwood floor installation professional, always look back at their past work. Ask...
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Sean McVeigh - CEO of PNW Home Services - Northwest Home Contractors
Sean McVeigh

Sean is a Pacific Northwest home owner who has been involved construction industry for years. Sick of just searching randomly for home service professionals.

Sean McVeigh
John Mathew
John Mathew
Marketing Manager

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John Mathew
Anjila Lamahal
Anjila Lamahal
Creative Designer

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Anjila Lamahal

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